The practice of allergology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma)
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Food allergies
  • Classification of drug allergies
  • Acute or chronic urticaria, angioedema or pruritic syndrome
  • Classification of atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis
  • Latex allergies
  • Classification of allergies to hymenoptera venom

Allergy tests can be carried out during the first visit to the clinic: The Skin Prick test (SPT) is helpful in studying respiratory and food allergies. The prick test is carried out by placing a drop of an allergenic extract onto the skin of the patient’s forearm; the allergist will prick the drop with a sterile lancet to facilitate penetration of allergenic molecules into the superficial layers of the skin; the results are interpreted after 15 minutes. Patients undergoing a prick test must not take antihistamines during the week before the skin tests are carried out. (*)

 (*) = medication should only be discontinued after consultation with a doctor or the allergy specialist

Consultations with Dr Eleonora Catarsi are available by appointment every Wednesday afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00.

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