Fundamental Principles and Patient Care

At the San Rossore Medical Centre the patient is at the centre of everything we do, and that is the founding principle of the services we provide.

All internal resources, facilities, equipment and staff aim to solve the patient’s health problems, making sure sufficient information is provided about organisation, access to services, diagnosis, necessary therapies and rehabilitation.

We provide the highest level of personal comfort and assistance and respect our patients’ dignity. In particular, the San Rossore Medical Centre is committed to protecting the following patient rights.


Each person has the right to receive the most suitable medical assistance and treatment, without discrimination based on sex, race, language, religion, political opinions or socio-economic circumstances.


Staff are objective, fair and impartial towards patients.


The Medical Centre guarantees continued and regular care. If the service is irregular or interrupted, measures will be taken to ensure the patient is inconvenienced as little as possible.

Right to Choose

Where regulations allow, the patient has the right to select the person they believe will best meet their needs from amongst the staff providing the service.


The centre guarantees patients will be involved in their own treatment and receive correct, clear and full information and have the opportunity to share their opinions on the quality of the services provided and also to make any complaints or suggestions that will help us to improve the service.

Efficiency and Efficacy

Services are carefully planned and delivered to ensure resources are used and activities performed efficiently to obtain the best results.