Vascular abnormalities constitute a heterogeneous group of circulatory pathologies characterised by morpho-structural and/or functional alterations of various types, severity and extent that can affect any type of blood and/or lymphatic vessel, of any calibre or anatomical district.

They represent a problem of great medical-social importance because they are disabling pathologies, which manifest themselves in childhood or youth with serious functional, aesthetic and psychological alterations.

Vascular abnormalities are errors in the embryonic development of vessels, on a multifactorial genetic basis. In the majority of cases these are sporadic forms, which manifest themselves in subjects with a negative family history. However, there are also hereditary forms related to genetic alterations of various angiogenetic factors that regulate the development of vessels during embryogenesis.

Given the rarity of such diseases, there are few truly qualified centres in Italy able to carry out diagnosis and treatment.

Generally, the diagnosis can be made in any vascular centre with experience in the field.

However, treatments should be discussed with experts from the few ultra-specialist centres, and if necessary, patients should be referred to those centres where statistics and experience also show the best clinical results of the treatment.