These are lesions of the skin of the lower limbs of different origin, usually benign and with a good prognosis, which at times heal even by themselves, even though it may take a very long time.

In about 70% of cases, they originate from a disease of the veins or lymphatics.

In other cases the disease is due to arterial problems.

In a small percentage they are secondary to other diseases such as rheumatic diseases, etc..

One of the most common mistakes is to consider topical therapy (i.e. treating the skin and therefore the ulcer) sufficient to lead to healing, the injury.

In reality, ulcers only heal after they have been diagnosed and the reason that caused them has been resolved or cured.

It is clear, therefore, that in these cases, before proceeding to complex and expensive dressings, it is necessary to understand what the cause is and to cure it.

If the problem is the arteries and therefore the hypooxygenation of the tissues, it must be understood whether the patient can benefit from a revascularisation of the affected limb.

If the cause is phlebolymphatic stasis the cure is elastocompression and so on.