The new Pain and Palliative Care Unit, with a major specialty in chronic pain treatment, is going to open at the San Rossore Private Hospital in Pisa.

It’s always sad to remember that in Italy about 13 million people are suffering from chronic pain. Among these almost 45% haven’t found yet a solution to their problem after 6 months. Likewise, 17% of them have not found yet remedies lasting more than 5 years. That’s the reason why our Pain and Palliative Care Unit aims at improving the living conditions of people suffering from chronic pain both cancer-related or not.

Pain management consists in identifying the best therapy to eradicate or control pain, whatever the causeis. It includes not only pharmacological, but also surgical, psychological and rehabilitation therapies, which work together to achieve an adequate quality of life.

Our new Unit at the San Rossore Private Hospital offers a complete and innovative therapeutic path that includes everything necessary for alleviating the suffering of our patients in a single Health Center. Our multidisciplinary approach, in fact, makes it possible to simultaneously provide consultations and activities which are usually provided in different structures and at different times. Specifically, our Unit aims to improve the living conditions of people suffering from chronic pain, reducing the degree of disability and promoting their reintegration into the social and working context.

At our Unit, we assess pain level and treat our patients with the collaboration of specialists in:

  • Anesthesia and reanimation
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurology
  • Physiatry
  • Oncology
  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition

After a first diagnostic assessment, we arrange a day hospital consultation with our doctors. During this consultation, the patient’s pain level will be assessed and a plan will be discussed in order to provide the best pain treatment. If the patient accepts the proposed treatment, the therapy can start.


Anestesia, Terapia del dolore

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Eating and Metabolic Disorders, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

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Director of Oncology, Chemotherapy

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Orthopaedics and Traumatology

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Neurologia, Neurofisiopatologia, Ecografia Neuromuscolare ad alta risoluzione

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