DIAGNOSTICS (available exams)

  • Specialist appointment, vascular surgery
  • Specialist appointment, angiology
  • Specialist appointment, phlebology
  • Examination ecocolordoppler cerebro afferent vessels (carotid, vertebral)
  • Arterial and venous ecocolordoppler examination of the lower limbs
  • Arterial and venous ecocolordoppler examination of the upper limbs
  • Examination ecocolordoppler abdominal vessels (aorta and iliac vessels, cava and iliac veins)
  • Ecocolordoppler examination of renal and visceral arteries
  • Saliva examinations (DNA) for the evaluation of cardiovascular risk and thrombophilia
  • Evaluation of vascular malformations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of deep and superficial venous thrombosis


  • Sclerotherapy of capillaries, reticular veins, varicose veins
  • Lower limb varicose veins with minimally invasive techniques (laser, radiofrequency, sclerotherapy, CHIVA) under outpatient services and local anaesthesia
  • Mechanical lymph drainage (or pressotherapy) for oedema or phlebolymphedema
  • Elastocompressing bandages
  • Treatment of ulcers and skin lesions in general (decubitus, phlebostatic, lymphatic, arteriopathic ulcers)
  • Heterologous skin grafts
  • Small amputations in patients with diabetic foot
  • Incision and drainage of haematomas


  • Lower limb varicose veins with the following techniques
    • Stripping
    • Laser or radio frequency
    • CHIVA
    • Sclerotherapy and scleromousse
    • Simple phlebectomies
  • Interventions for hemorrhoidal goitres with HELP Laser technique
  • Incision and drainage of haematomas and thrombised varicose goitres
  • Positioning of central venous catheters (PIC, PORT, etc.)
  • Positioning of caval filters (in the prevention/treatment of thromboembolisms)
  • Peripheral angioplasty in arteriopathic patients
  • Major and minor amputations of the lower limbs
  • Treatment of vascular malformations

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