Urological surgery refers to traditional and endoscopic surgery and partially to genital surgery.

Beside traditional urological surgery and endoscopy, the San Rossore Medical Center is specialized in urogenital reconstructive surgery.

Urogenital reconstructive surgery is actually a very specialized branch that is becoming increasingly important in the international surgical framework.

Many pathologies require urogenital surgical intervention, such as:

  • Neoplastic pathology of genitals, usually treated with demolitive surgery.
  • Penile cancer, that was most frequently managed by penile amputation, with severe psychological and functional consequences, especially in young patients. Thanks to modern urogenital reconstructive and plastic surgery techniques it is now possible to reconstruct portions amputated with great aesthetic and functional results. Thanks to the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction it is also possible to adopt tri-components hydraulic penile prosthesis implant that allows for normal sexual activity.
  • Peyronie’s disease (also known as induratio penis plastica, IPP).
  • Genital traumatology.
  • Congenital male pathologies, such as penile curvature and hypospadias.
  • Male incontinence; after being treated for a prostate cancer with a prostatectomy, some patients can be affected by urinary incontinence: thanks to some modern perineal surgical techniques the implantation of urethral suspensions is possible, thus allowing the re-establishment of continence.
  • Female urinary incontinence: some transvaginal minimally invasive techniques allow the re-establishment of continence.
  • Female vesical prolapse: thanks to surgical vaginal techniques it is possible to place prolene mesh that helps restore female aesthetic and functional integrity.
  • Pathologic pelvis trauma or urethral infections, that may often account for stenosis of anterior and posterior urethra. Using buccal mucosa or skin grafts, urethral reconstructive surgery allows the reconstruction of urethral stenosis.

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