A new Sports Medicine Centre, set up to provide a service to people wishing to undertake systematic, competitive or amateur non-competitive physical activity, has been operating within the San Rossore Healthcare Facility since January 2017.

The Holding Madonna thus concludes the pathway towards inclusion of the sports world into the Healthcare Facility, following the opening of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre and the Riathletisation Sports Field which are dedicated, among other things, to the recovery of the athlete.

Sport is a recognised moment of collectivity. It performs a unifying function that is largely related to health but also partly to social cohesion. In sport, you can try out and learn new behaviours: collaboration, commitment, respect for the rules. This heritage and responsibility are in tune with the values of the Healthcare Facility, which we also intend to seize through Sport Medicine.

The role played by Sports Medicine in contributing to the development and promotion of public health is well-established, not only through health protection in competitive and non-competitive sports, but also through the promotion of motor activity throughout the population. It is in fact known that physical activity is an effective way to prevent many chronic diseases. There is now extensive scientific evidence to support this.

Approximately 34 million people in Italy practise motor activity. Census sources report a capillary network of almost 95,000 “sports provision outlets”, one for every 631 inhabitants. In view of this, there is an expanding potential and demand for sports medicine; there is a growing need for coaching and sports advice among both active and inactive people.

The sports medicine consultation therefore has a specific profile of prevention and health protection for individuals, whether they are high achieving athletes or simply sportsmen or women who intend to subject their bodies to maximum effort, so that they are able to carry out physical activity safely, with the help of programs suited to their abilities. The consultation actually takes the form of health screening. This is helpful in verifying the correct functioning of various systems and identifying any silent conditions in the context of primary prevention.

At the San Rossore Healthcare Facility you can talk to specialists in Sports Medicine, who assess the physical integrity of those who wish to practise sports, and work in close collaboration with specialists from other branches.

Our activities are structured in various sectors:

Assessment of fitness for sport

This is carried out through the provision of accreditations which, in the field of sport, are separated into competitive, non-competitive, special Ludic-Motor and high cardiovascular, competitive commitment for people with disabilities.

Functional assessment

The role of the Sports Medicine specialist embraces the entire life span of the sportsman or woman and also includes the non-competitive stages in childhood and the elderly. He or she takes the form of a “skilled doctor of motor activity”. His/her task is to direct individuals towards the most suitable motor activity or sport, and monitor them in these activities, irrespective of the type, quantity and intensity required to improve well-being, and avoid the risks associated with this activity. Within this framework, functional assessment can be understood as a global clinical assessment of the individual. Specific tests are carried out to determine the physical efficiency and motor skills of the individual in relation to their state of health. In the context of sport, the tests are aimed at assessing the state of fitness and formulating training programs.

Outpatient activities

The Sports Medicine specialist works alongside doctors, already operating in the facility, who provide specialist advice in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology and laboratory analysis, with access to all the equipment required for in-depth diagnostic activity and nursing assistance.

Our Specialists