THD: the most innovative surgical operation for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidal disease are the most commonly widespread proctologic disorder. It is estimated that appr. 50% of the population over 50 in the most industrialised countries suffers or has suffered from disorders related to hemorrhoidal disease

The most innovative surgical operation for hemorrhoids treatment is THD (Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization), a procedure that uses equipment connected to a specially developed anoscope.

THD is a cutting-edge procedure the treatment of haemorrhoids since it revolutionises the surgical approach to hemorrhoidal disease, ensuring highly effective results and reducing to a minimum any possible invasive surgery, pain or complications.

The method allowing for dearterialization, that is location and selective ligature of the terminal branches in the superior rectal artery, is mucopexy, or repositioning of hemorrhoidal cushions in situ thanks to submucosal suture ligations performed from the artery up to the pectinate line. All this is performed in local anesthesia with sedation, allowing patients to resume normal physiological activity and ensuring a fast postoperative recovery, without any tissue excision. Therefore, postoperative complications are highly reduced compared to more invasive techniques.

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