The Fisiokinetic Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center deals with Podology, the branch of medicine that takes care of foot and prevention of foot pathologies.

The podologic examination is based on the clinical evaluation of the feet and related districts, and it can be carried out:

  • in orthostatic posture (free standing position)
  • in open kinetic chain (exercises in which the leg or the arm is free to move, for the example the complete extension of the leg while sitting)
  • while walking

The Fisiokinetic Center can treat the following podologic pathologies:

  • nail diseases (nail dystrophy, onychomycosis, ingrown nail, etc…)
  • cutaneous pathologies (warts, ulcerations, hyperkeratosis, dyskeratosis, etc…)


The Podology specialist also deals with:

  • active, passive and proprioceptive physiokinesitherapy of feet and ankle
  • post-surgical re-education

Orthesys Podologic Therapy

  • Orthotics: realization of accomodative foot orthotics (to redistribute weight correctly) and biomechanical orthotics (to correct eventual articular deformities)
  • Nail orthesys: nail re-education and reconstruction (ingrown nail, nail dystrophy…)
  • Digital orthesys: realization of made-to-measure silicon devices that allow to contain or correct fingers deformities (claw-fingers, ‘hammer-toe’ syndrome…).

Our Specialists

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