The Neonatology department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and instruments to guarantee the utmost safety to all those newborns who need intensive care treatments.
Neonatology is not only a real “medical clinic for newborn”, but it is also the place where magic moments are shared between mother and child, such as their first embrace after delivery.

The San Rossore Medical Center allows newly parents to hold the baby and keep him/her in the same room with them as long as they want, thus giving them the possibility to practice the tasks and responsibilities of their new role while being supported and assisted by a professional and careful equipe.

The confidential and trustworthy bond that is established between the staff of nurses and obstetricians and the woman in labour allows the mother-to-be to experience a serene delivery, feeling assisted and cared, and this special bond often develops and lasts in time.

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