Dermatology is concerned with the treatment of the blemishes and diseases listed below:

  • Paediatric dermatology – Neonatal dermatosis
  • Allergic dermatosis (eczema)
  • Changes in the skin pigmentation
  • Diagnosis of snow-related injuries
  • Early diagnosis of melanoma
  • Epiluminescence dermatoscopy
  • Vascular diseases affecting the skin
  • Disorders of the appendages (hair, body hair, nails)
  • Disorders of the mucous membranes (oral, genital)
  • Dermatosis during pregnancy
  • Ageing of the skin
  • Cutaneous manifestations of internal diseases
  • Psycho-cutaneous manifestations
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Diathermy under local anaesthesia
  • Dermatological surgery

Dermocosmetology and Plastic Dermatology

Non-surgical treatments for certain disorders and imperfections of the face and body are done by self-employed professionals:

  • Dermo cosmetological specialised consultations
  • Medical and Corrective Cosmetology
  • Peeling treatment
  • Bio-stimulation of the skin
  • Filler
  • Laser rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté and hands
  • Laser removal of spots on the skin
  • Laser removal of tattoos and pigmented lesions
  • Laser removal of telangectasia and cutaneous angioma
  • Laser treatment for acne scars
  • Laser definitive epilation
  • Photorejuvenation
  • Botox

The following treatments are also carried out:

All injections are superficial and painless, and are carried out using micro-needles that penetrate to just a millimetre’s depth. The infiltrations, which can be performed on the face, neck or décolleté, are completely painless but enable injection of active ingredients, particularly natural hyaluronic acid, which improves the hydration and firmness of the skin. They also counteract the harmful effects of free radicals, especially those that accumulate due to sun exposure. As well as giving the skin a healthier appearance, they thus protect it from harsh environmental factors, especially solar radiation, and perform what we can call an “active photo protection”: not just a “screen” that passively reflects radiation, but a neutralising action that limits the harmful effects linked to their absorption.

Using a combination of high and low molecular mass hyaluronic acid injected into the dermis with just 5-7 injection sites per hemiface, it produces a moisturising, stimulating and supporting effect. A double effect is thus obtained: one of bio-regeneration due to the stimulation of endogenous hyaluronic acid production, and tensor, counteracting slackening of the skin and re-modelling the face.

Using fully biocompatible products, it is possible to correct and smooth out wrinkles and furrows, remodel relaxed contours, restore volume and recreate the profile of thinning, creased lips.

Peeling (mandelic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid …)

Surface peeling treatments with a targeted effect on various types of skin: exfoliating, smoothing, sebum-normalising, lightening, cellular turnover stimulating, anti-ageing, etc. These may be carried out on their own or, by reducing the concentrations or exposure time, they can be considered as the initial stage of a treatment that subsequently involves polyvinyl masks, mainly tretinoin-based, to enhance anti-ageing, sebum normalising, lightening, and epidermal firming procedures.

This is a painless treatment performed with a special device called S.I.T. (Skin Injection Therapy), a brand-new tool that can be used to transfer active ingredients into the outer layers of the dermis, thus retaining their effectiveness. The process is completely trauma-free. In the case of the legs, the substance can be helpful in counteracting swelling and tissue relaxation. It is certainly one of the most effective dermoplastic treatments for combating the water retention typically found in all stages of cellulite. If treatment of the arms or other areas of the body showing signs of dehydration and/or senescence is necessary, we can instead use active ingredients that not only improve hydration, but counteract the damaging effects of free radicals, which are the main causes of ageing of the skin.

A unique, non-surgical facelift approved by the American FDA. It is mainly indicated for slackening and wrinkling of the neck and décolleté. Good results can be obtained on the chin area, periocular area and lateral sections of the face. The technology makes use of focused ultrasound, positioned with total precision with the help of ultrasound guidance. The treatment lasts 60-90 minutes and can be performed on all skin types, in any season, and at any age. It does not generally require any pre- or post-treatment. No recovery time is required for the patient. The results, which can be obtained in a single session, are visible from 90 days to over a year.

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