Breast surgery can rely on techniques that allow both maximum precision in the operation and preservation of the woman’s body harmony in order to safeguard her life quality. These results are possible thanks to state of the heart techniques, scientifically validated and confirmed, such as sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy, mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and, in most cases, nipple conservation. Excellent senology is based on a close daily cooperation among specialists, for example between surgeons and specialists in radio diagnosis (including the process of localization of non-palpable breast lesions). High level surgical senology is the result of a close collaboration with Pathological Anatomy (Laboratory Medicine), which guarantees accurate diagnosis and maximumly detailed therapeutic definition. Reconstructive plastic surgery is fundamental in some breast operations, restoring the body image and its full functions. San Rossore Medical Center has the best senological operators so to have the maximum accuracy possible in removing only the damaged tissue or the one to be analysed. Breast surgery is meant to allow women to quickly and peacefully go back to their usual life, weather their is a tumorous or a benign pathology.

The San Rossore Breast Unit is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of senological diseases.
Here the patient will be welcomed, addressed and followed step by step, from the diagnosis to the eventual treatment.
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