Andrology is defined as the science that studies the physiopathological, clinical and socio-anthropological aspects of the male sexual and reproductive system, thus dealing with male health.  The treatments that can be carried out at San Rossore Medical Center are the following:

Outpatient services:

  • andrological examination
  • scrotum colour doppler ultrasound
  • penile and penile dynamic color doppler echography
  • rigiscan test
  • semen analysis
  • semen culture
  • hormone dosage
  • penis surgical treatment
  • day hospital for andrological check-up

Andrological surgery:

  • penile prosthesis implant
  • reconstructive penile surgery
  • testicular prosthesis implant
  • testicular cancer surgery
  • penile tumor surgery
  • varicocele with microsuregry techniques or embolization
  • circumcision and frenuloplasty

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