Anaesthesia is a temporary state consisting of unconsciousness, loss of memory, lack of pain and muscle relaxation of the patient, thus allowing the performance of other medical interventions. The crucial aspect of this profession is that at any moment the conditions of the patient may change and this event will of course need an immediate intervention and decision.
Compared to the close surgeon-patient relationship, the anaesthetist has a different role and approach and he/she is the one that allows the surgical intervention to be carried out, always being next to the patient and making it possible for him/her to exit the operating theater in safe conditions.
This is why the anaesthetist must have a sound experience and medical knowledge but also the ability to master even critical situations with professionalism and self-confidence (Bressan & Coll., 2005).

The Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit of the San Rossore Medical Centre is equipped with all technological tools necessary to ensure patient safety.

The ICU is characterised by continuous monitoring of vital signs and the presence of a medical intensive care practitioner and a nurse.
We guarantee a high level of safety for patients suffering from critical pathologies or unexpected complications that may occur during surgery and hospitalisation.

The ICU is characterised by the presence of machines and equipment, essential to monitor vital functions.


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