The benefits of the medical practice of Acupuncture are broadly known. The World Health Organization has acknowledged Acupuncture as a medical discipline and this practice is actually widely established among healthcare treatments. Acupuncture has proven particularly indicated in case of:

  • breathing apparatus diseases (such as sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma); gastrointestinal diseases (such as gastritis, hiatal hernia, colitis, constipation);
    neurosis, anxiety and depression, many forms of insomnia and obesity (with no need for drugs or particular diets);
  • osteoarticular pathologies (such as lumbar radical pain, periarthritis, epicondylitis and mainly cervicalgia);
  • arthrosis (cervical, lumbar and hip arthrosis, etc..) and sexual functional diseases (impotence and frigidity);
  • dermatological pathologies (such as eczema, urticaria) and Herpes Zoster;
  • side effects due to chemotherapy treatments (such as vomiting, paresthesia, paresis, etc..);
  • it is very effective in Obstetrics, not only during delivery, but mostly to reduce menstrual pains, pains due to oligomenorrhea and in postpartum hypoand iper-galactia.

Acupuncture is with no doubt particularly effective for pain treatment in case of headache, migraine, intercostal and trigeminal neuralgia and in case of severe neuropathic pain (i.e. the carpal tunnel syndrome) or in chronic pain (i.e. postherpetic neuralgia).

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